Rope acrobat - Portrait of a performer at work

Purchase Prints

Prints of the photographs displayed on this site are available for purchase. Each print made is unique, individually hand printed to order, and numbered in an open edition.

Unless stated otherwise, all prints are available as silver gelatine prints. Some are available as prints using alternative processes.

Silver Gelatine Prints

These are hand made prints, printed on fine fibre based silver-gelatine papers, and are processed using currently accepted archival techniques. The finished prints are fully toned using selenium, gold, and/or Sepia toners, for both aesthetic effect and archival protection.

Alternative Processes

My alternative process prints are made using modern processes inspired by traditional techniques, producing prints in palladium and gold. These prints are made on fine papers normally used for watercolour or lithography, coated by hand with the appropriate photographic sensitiser.

These techniques produce beautiful, unique, and very permanent prints. The image forming metals being naturally resistant to attack by environmental pollutants.

Copyright 2008 - Stephen Allan

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